Sara De Santis is a teacher, choreographer, dancer and performer. She obtained her BA in Theories and practices of anthropology (2009) at Universita’ La Sapienza and her MA in Choreography at the National Dance Academy (2012), both in Rome. She continues her education between Amsterdam, Rome and Vienna becoming a Gyrotonic® and a yoga istructure. Meanwhile Sara began developing her own work as independent artist and choreographed creating several solo and group pieces. She worked with several renewed artist; among all Ismael Ivo, Adriana Borriello and Klaus Obermaier. Her work was presented in Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Austria, UK, Netherlands and Hungary. At the moment she is teaching Gyrotonic® and yoga for dancers, and working on a solo based on memories and pain.




2017 TTC yoga 200hs
2016 education as trainer of 'pilates reformer '
2015 education and certification as Gyrotonic® trainer
2014 Eugenio Barba: Acting at Odin Theatret
2012 - 2010 MA Master of choreography at National Dance Academy, Rome

2009 - 2005 

BA in Anthropology and dance education by David Zambrano, Peter Kojak, Ski Louise, Frey Faust, Carolin Carson, Damien Janet, Koran Alibi Uri Ivgi, Paul Estebrook, Neel Verdom, Nina Wolny, Libby Farr .

Professional experience:

                                                       Choreography & Dance

2016 - 2013

Study and project based on memory

  •   creation of a the piece 'memory loss' Premier in Vienna

  •   creation of a the piece 'memory stream' Premier and tourėe in Holland

  •   creation of a the piece 'Sow the wind and reap whirlwind'
      Artist in Residence in Akrai Residency, premier in Italy

  •   creation of a the piece ' lumbering memory' premier in Italy

2015 -2010

New media & performing Arts

  •   “The concept of here and now” in collaboration with Klaus Obermaier ,Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma Università IUAV di Venezia - Faculty of Arts and Design /Figurentheater-Festival Erlangen Institute for Theater and Media Sciences, Friedrich-Alexander- University Erlangen-Nuernberg.

    Premier Italy tourėe in France – Poland– Germany – Italy - Hunghery

  • “ Function follows per|for|mer" in collaboration with Emanuel Andel

    premier in UK tourėe in Austria, Italy, Greece and Nederland.

  • Collaboration with Motion Bank Frankfurt

  •  Artist in residency in SEA Crete, Schmiede Salsburg

2009 – 2006

​​Dance & Theater

  • Dancer and choreographer of “ Un tap per 3” 
  • Dancer in the company Seneca/Caputo: 'Fino all'ultima goccia' 'Nubi notti luminescenti' 'Luce istantanea'

  • Dancer with the choreographer Beatrice Magalotti
  • Dancer in collaboration with DANCE project (Bruxelles) ​​–  Dancer in the company Seneca/Caputo: 'Fino all'ultima goccia' 'Nubi notti luminescenti'  
  • Finalist for the award of the arts of M.I.U.R.


agonist gymnast of F.G.I


                                                      Teacher & personal trainer

Sara De Santis is a Gyrotonic® practitioner since 10 years and a teacher and personal trainer since 2. She is being working in several studios between Vienna and Rome , among all White Cloud Studio . She is teaching Contemporary dance over 10 years in different schools and festivals and also in her own university ( National Dance Academy , Dance in Art, european school of parma. She used to teach yoga in the companies in which she worked. Recently she deepen her knowledge about yoga in India she is at the moment researching and combining Gyrotonic,floor work and yoga aiming to create a movement practice tailored on the dancers needs